10 December 2008

Two thoughts

Symmetry is beauty.
  1. If alcohol is liquid courage, then diet soda is liquid betrayal.
  2. Detox is torture.
Shortly after finals, I will post something worthwhile.

09 December 2008

A funny joke

Here is a funny joke my roommate Jammie told today.

Q: What is the sequel to the movie Desperado?
A: Desperados!

Get it? Get it? That was a good one. :).

02 December 2008

Among other things

I've been accused of having multiple personality disorder. 

I have two blogs (remember? this one and that one?). And I was considering making a third. I'm not sure what to do now. I want to express different parts of me different places. The third would have been an attempt at sharing my spiritual walk. Perhaps a public devotional. Perhaps Biblical thoughts: questions on theology, philosophy, doctrine.

I was reading through random blogs the other day. I stumbled upon a-friend-of-a-friend's blog. She wrote poetry. It was beautiful. Hence, my fourth consideration: poems.

I feel silly: rather-silly. Am I compartmentalizing my life (through my writing) too much? Or am I justified to want to divide my subject matter? Am I trying too much to please the masses? Shall I just be myself? I have diverse interests. Sometimes, too many for others to follow. I also love to derive: that is, to make tangents.

And then I feel silly for this: I write about writing. I am navel-gazing. Really, it's my favorite topic to write on: writing. And now, I'm writing on writing on writing. Let's move on before this gets too out of hand.

Shall I just write all here? Or shall I divide? Shall I compart-and-mentalize? 

Something rather untitled:
The wooden fence blew down
Year after year
Till one year we put up a chain link fence
But you could see through the chain link fence
And fit your fingers along the links
Till you held on tight
Like you couldn’t get past
And someone was leaving you.

You could scream
And watch them tear away
Or be torn into two
The one half gone
The other half you.
And a work in progress:
There is a distance between my heart and my head
I see the distance, but I can’t see the difference
They’re both fickle and fleeting, stubborn and mean
Yet they’re separate (but equal)
Divided down the middle: a ravine in between

The fault line splits myself into two
How to blame when I can’t tell who is who
Who to blame when you is me and me is you
When done is done and through is through
What is left (and what is right) for me (and you) to do?
I'll try not to be too sappy.