26 March 2010

What I am learning these days.

I tend to be critical and judgmental and I get caught up in catching other people in their wrongs. Worse, I am bitter-hearted and hold things against people who hurt me or wrong me. But a good friend preached to me that in the end of times God will not call us to hold others accountable for the wrongs they did to us or to God. He will only hold us to account for the wrongs we have done to Him.

There are three reasons for this. One, He has a book and he already knows how others have wronged us. Two, we don't remember things precisely and we'd probably get it wrong. Three, we'd use it to justify ourselves. But no matter how others have wronged us, we are not justified in our sin against them or against God. Only Jesus and his redeeming work on the Cross could ever do that.

Therefore, rather than focus on how others wrong us, we must focus on the depth and gravity of our sin against God--the true, perfect, and just God. At the same time, we must also focus on the heights of God's grace--our loving, merciful, Abba Father. There is something subtly beautiful here: The more we understand the depravity of our sin, the greater we can know the majesty of God's steadfast love.

And yet, we cannot have one without the other. That is, without God's grace we wouldn't dare know ourselves. We couldn't. We'd rather die than go there. But, without sin, God's grace would be nothing. Without cost, there is no value. How can you pardon the innocent?

So what do we do? Look to the Cross. It's all there. At the Cross we know both our sin and God's grace. We know our sin was devastating because of the cost that Christ paid crucified on the Cross in the Father's judgment. And we know the extent of God's love because He sent His own Son to die on the Cross for us and raised Him up after three days so that we too may live.

This mystery is inexplicable. This grace amazing. All that every sinful and broken person out there ever wanted was love. We just want to be loved, and to love. That is the core to all our actions, twisted and sinful though they may be. But God turns tragedies into beautiful things. Look to the Cross. It's all there.

25 March 2010

"We read to know we are not alone."

In his book Miracles, Lewis states, "I must hasten, however, to add that this is a book about miracles, not about everything. I am attempting no full doctrine of man." And here includes a footnote: "See Appendix A." Hahaha. :). He has a sense of humor.

More seriously, he goes on to say,
No philosophical theory which I have yet come across is a radical improvement on the words of Genesis, that 'In the beginning God made Heaven and Earth'. I say 'radical' improvement, because the story in Genesis--as St Jerome said long ago--is told in the manner 'of a popular poet', or as we should say, in the form of folk tale. But if you compare it with the creation legends of other peoples--with all these delightful absurdities in which giants to be cut up and floods to be dried up are made to exist before creation--the depth and originality of this Hebrew folk tale will soon be apparent. The idea of creation in the rigorous sense of the word is there fully grasped.
This is not to make a literal vs. figurative judgment on the text. To acknowledge that the text is written in the form of a folk tale is not to take away its power, but to bring light to its intent. Other creation stories exist to perpetuate cultures and traditions, or to spread morals and maxims. The creation story as told in Genesis exists to bring worship to God the Creator. How best bring worship but by telling the truth?


Mom: "Jc, when the done pants, can you put it in top of the dryer?"

18 March 2010

The Final Final.

There is a delicate balance between "there is time, don't give up," and, "there is time, it's ok to slack off."

Every scene has a story.

These are images from just days before my fourth birthday. Some things to know: I'm the little boy running around in his underwear, my uncle is the one who films and swims, my mom is the one who cleans, my brother's name is kevin, he's the one pretending to be a car while I'm on the computer, and my family calls me jc.


The great tragedy is that children grow up.

13 March 2010

Fault Lines.

I love this interview. Dr. Cornel West is my favorite. :).

"Justice is what love looks like in public."


To be love-struck is to stand in solidarity.

05 March 2010


I really want to say something right now.
My heart is welling up with tears.
I want to say that in ten different ways. For dramatic effect.
But I think I shan't. Was that dramatic enough for you?

I'm going to ignore you.
Because ignoring's the worst thing you can't do.
It's worse than insulting, it's worse than name-calling.
Indifference is what makes angels weep.

It's been crazy this past week.
I've been stressed and stretched beyond belief.
Again, I want to say that ten different ways. For dramatic effect.
Yet, I will resist. I think the crime the punishment fits.

I'm taking cryptography class.
It teaches you how to make and break codes.
One method of concealing information is called steganography.
It's where you hide the message among other things like images, words, and lists.


"Where's your son?"
"Do I look like information to you?"