30 November 2010

29 November 2010

Rolled up my shirt sleeves today.

I feel like an architect.

It's funny trying to be deliberately messy in order to look nice. Reminds me of how the Jeff Wingers and Ted Mosbys of the world spend hours each morning making their hair look like bed head.

Also, I think I've discovered that my left forearm is distinctly skinnier than my right.

25 November 2010

Thankful for the flu.

But the food... :( Oh, the food!


She wished for summer, but waited for fall.

22 November 2010


Ever since I started doing sit ups I can never tell if I'm hungry, full, indigested, gaseous or constipated. I don't know whether to eat, rest, poo, stretch or drink pepto-bismol :(

20 November 2010

Two pretty pictures.

Wordle is an online service to automatically generate neat looking word clouds. I've always wanted an excuse to use it, and now I've found one. The first image is a list of my top 100 most frequently used words, stripped of punctuation and case, where the size of each word is proportional to its rate of occurrence. You can click the image for a larger view.

I manually added up the variations of my different takes on online laughter (haha, ahaha, hahaha, HAHA, etc.) and it is by far the most prevalent idea that I project. Hence its size in the image. Now, this next picture is a word cloud of the same list but with the option to remove common English words activated.

Apparently my favorite words to use in conversations consist of greetings and goodbyes, intensifiers, qualifiers, fillers, and pauses. Perhaps buried deep somewhere in all my talk are the words that will change this world (ha!) but for the most part, it's formulaic fluff. Hence, word clouds. :)

19 November 2010

Some more data.

The first column is how often I initiated a conversation, the second is how often the other person initiated, and the last column is the total number of conversations we had.

I find these results interesting because there is so much variation here. If you look closely, you will notice that the ranks of the people in this list are a little different from that of the other list. This is because I might have conversations more frequently with certain people but they may not last as long, or be as full of dialogue. In fact, I only had two conversations with #14 from the previous list, and as I remember they were quite epic.

Also, notice the odd dynamic in the likelihood of a person to initiate because of perceived differences in social protocol according to personality (in cases where we are both introverted, but one is compelled to take on the role of the extrovert) and/or gender roles (boys are generally required to pursue while girls can be more passive).

I feel like I'm putting part of my life on blast. But, of course, this is all for the sake of science! Sort of, haha. :)

17 November 2010

Do you ever wonder who your closest friends are?

Finally, some progress on my project. Here is a list of the top 20 people I've chatted with from June 2010 till now. The three columns represent the number of words (actually, tokens delimited by spaces) exchanged: my words, the other person's words, and the total number of words.

I'm a nerd, and I love this kind of stuff. Pretty cool, right?

I always thought I was a good listener. I never realized how much I talked in comparison to others. Perhaps my calculations are off, haha. I'll check more on that tomorrow...

Also don't worry if you think you deserve a higher spot on the list, this data only accounts for when I use ichat on my macbook. It does not include when I chat on my desktop or with gchat. Functionality to process these formats, and others, is planned.

There is so much more information to gather from these logs, and I'll post more up as I go. If you have ichat, and log your chats, please let me know if you'd like to help me work out the bugs in my program. Thanks!

16 November 2010

Modern Family.

I don't mean to brag, but, when I was a kid I was exactly like Manny.

Dear friends (and stalkers),

I hope you know I'm joking, right?


He had twice the heart, but half the strength.
He lived twice the life, but half its length.

Plan B (aka Plan Bitter aka No More Mister Nice Guy aka Toot It And Boot It).

Next girl who likes me, I'm going to tear her heart out and stomp on it.


Bitter is better aka she fell in love and now she feel stoopid cause I toot it and boot it.

13 November 2010

iPhone 4: Case or no case?

The case for a case:
  • Protects the phone from scratches and accidental drops.
  • Better reception because it prevents me from shorting the antenna.
  • I spent $20 on it.
The case for no case:
  • The phone just looks so nice without a case.
  • The case makes my phone heavier, and fatter.
  • The case obstructs certain buttons and ports.
Help me. What do I do?

10 November 2010

Today was a fairy tale.

I got 7 chicken macnuggets in my 6-piece. I had to recount just to be sure.

09 November 2010

Manufactured Consent.

Sometimes the chains that bind us are so strong that in order to break free we must first be broken.

When was the last time you waited?

Lily: Marshall, no! We're on pause. There's no crying in pauseland. Pauseland is a magical place with popcorn shrimp mountains and butter sauce rivers.

Heart House.

House: Masters, if lying to a patient saved their life would you do it?
Masters: No.
House: That's a lie. If your grandma gave you a really crappy tea cozy for Christmas, would you tell her you liked it?
Masters: Yes, but that's different.
House: So you lie when it doesn't matter, but you won't when it does. How'd you get so screwed up?

04 November 2010

Tents, and ropes, and pins.

For the past few months, television has been saturated with images of pleading politicians, parading pundits, and subsequent scandal. Just when we thought the act was over, only a day after the end of the drama of the historic midterm elections, PBS has come out with a new miniseries called Circus. It's fun and insightful and serves the purpose of weaning the American audience off of its addiction to theatrics in a much more benign form than the name-calling, finger-pointing, and horn-tooting we've grown accustomed to.

02 November 2010

Moonlight in the stream.

I have a deep emptiness that is satisfied by no other than Jesus. Try as I might to turn to idols, I can never overcome the incessant nagging of the pit in the bottom of my soul longing for true fulfillment. I glimpse this when I turn to Jesus, I know no other explanation than that it must be true that He lives and loves and will deliver me from my broken state. I know no other explanation than that He is who I am looking for, He is everything that I need.

I've decided to implement the Amos protocol.

If you're a girl, I can't talk to you.


Addendum: A girl who is an INTJ (i.e. Susan Kim) counts as a boy.

Addadendum: Possible exceptions made for girls who are currently in love (i.e. dating).