27 January 2011

I dreamed of Tunisia.

On the map I saw her neighbors, Algeria and Libya.

My heart felt oppressed. I was suffocated, crushed.

I did the only thing I knew how to do: I prayed.

24 January 2011

Luke 16:10

"One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much."

Lord, help me be faithful in the little things.

22 January 2011


Sometimes I wonder, why did God make me an intj?

In other words, why am I the way I am?

17 January 2011

Slashdot comments on taxes.

A: What is worse: An individual who seeks to minimize his tax obligations or a government that feels that it is entitled to tax everything that moves?

B: An individual that seeks to minimize his tax obligations, without question. I've never seen a poor person trying to lower his taxes, and I've never seen a healthy nation without a high tax rate. Little to no taxation for the rich is the recipe for a third world country, and nothing else. We don't need to become the next Mexico, thank you very much.

Slashdot comments on people.

C: Not sure why you're a troll, this is a very common view. People poorer than me are lazy and should work harder, people richer than me should pay more taxes, and people exactly like me should pay no tax at all. You'll find people expressing more or less this view any time the public is polled about tax.

D: And I'm of above average intellegence, I'm in the top 20% of drivers, my parenting technique is clearly the best (and any issues my kids have is due to the schools screwing them up), and my religion is the correct one. If I had been given the same opportunities as Joe CEO, I'd be at least as wealthy, and do a better job running his company. If I had been subjected to the same difficulties as Sam HomeLessGuy, I would have "pulled myself up by the bootstraps" and got myself a real job. Given the opportunity my pet economic policy would simultaneously eliminate inflation, and guarantee ever-increasing profits for everyone (as well a unicorn and a fairy for every household).

Polls basically just say that we all just selfish ego-centric bastards.

10 January 2011

08 January 2011

The balloons follow me around like pets.

Each has a personality of its own.

My mom was born on the 30th of December, 1959.

She likes to keep the balloons around, well into the new year. Black, silver, helium-inflated with tails that twirl like kites. Her spirit descending like the balloons, slowly, stubbornly, refusing to be let down. But inevitably, her feet will meet them, an accident, a grudge, to give each but a moment's grace of flight.