30 October 2011

I am tired of winning hearts.

Why can't things just come easy?

But perhaps this is preparing me for the rest of life.

23 October 2011

22 October 2011

The Portrait

She is in her thirties, a woman of business in a suit,
waiting outside for great things to happen and
life passes by while she holds electric fruit to her face,
a truck scrapes the curb, and chain-link chunks fly upward—
she covers her face from the sparks and the stench,
and speaks quickly into the air. Her words transmit a thousand miles
like light speed, but she's worried about her desk and how it should be
her makeup's a mess, hair disheveled, and she looks careless
but that is far from the truth. He is outside waiting
as life passes by. A man in a brown trench coat who wants the good
labored leather boots with the steel tips for work and fights,
ready at any moment to throw down, has to wrestle now with life,
his daughter, just six, just died. He grabs his hair—
she is thrown out the car window on the reverse side,
the car flipped, rolled, coasted, and skid. Her body thrown,
like a toy doll, fell apart, mangled and slit—pulled inside out
like socks in the laundry or pig's intestine to be filled
with its own innards. He loses the feelings in his legs,
falls on his knees, flat on his face, and prostrate prays.
The woman in her thirties sees and phones the police,
and as she leaves, though many notice and feel the need,
fail to mention that black stains are streaming down
her face, like the canvas of the sky after an abstract paint
of two colliding worlds and all their angst, like the insides
of buckets after all is drained. The leftovers:
the smears, the spots, the splatters—and pain.

21 October 2011


Treasure. It's almost poetry.

VERBS 10 feel, entertain or harbor or cherish or nurture a feeling; feel deeply, feel in one's viscera or bones, feel in one's gut or guts; experience 831.8; have a sensation, get or receive an impression, sense, perceive, intuit, have a hunch

15 October 2011

Meet the Metaphor

Your relationship with Logic makes me think you met it once at a party, shook its hand to be polite, and then moved on to talk to all the interesting people never giving it a second thought.

— flosofl, a Slashdot user

13 October 2011

Sometimes I just want to be a nerd.

And I just want to talk about nerd stuff.

From the Apple documentation, "Core Data is not an entry-level technology." Today, I begin my tackling of this technology. This is what makes programming fun, the challenge. And in case other nerds are out there reading this, Apple's documentation is by far the most enjoyable documentation I get to read. Google's is not bad, but from there, everyone else just falls off steeply (especially Microsoft and IBM, ugh, even the font and the way they organize the information turns me off). Honestly, I love coding, and I love writing, and I wouldn't mind one day to be writing some clear and understandable documentation for my fellow programmers out there. It's nice to read a good article or two and comprehend something that you hadn't before, and to be able to use that newly found knowledge to try to create something worthwhile with the hopes of making people's lives better.

12 October 2011

I love fall weather.

It is full of anticipation! :)

I don't know how yet to describe the way this weather makes me feel, but I will try in the coming days to put it into words.

Here is a song that comes close to doing it for me,

11 October 2011

Window Sleep

There's a rustling in the leaves where there's talk among the trees
where there's stories being told of the ancient and the old:
a strong and restless wind makes its long way home
it speaks, incants, invokes, gives life and breathes and shows.
The strong and restless wind rustles in the leaves
it tickles in between the long tall trees's toes,
it scratches endless itch of the pecker and the tick
the rhythm and the beat of ancient folk music.

There's a rustling in the leaves and there's talk among the trees
that there's stories being told of the ancient and the old:
the fallen leaves that speak of morals to uphold
in faraway waters where windless sails snap close.
Let the spirit thrive, to find its way inside, to let its meters run
and fill it with the deep where need cries out to need
and people come to seek where breakers, crashes, waves
and souls that make are made polished rocks to save.

09 October 2011

I have quit the test.

I will not allow this test to determine my social interactions any more. I will no longer subject my friends to the tyranny of a four letter categorization, as scientific and methodological as it may have been. Did you know that people use to say things like, "Oh, if you don't have the right four letters, Cadengo won't be your friend"? Was I so obvious?!

Hahaha, that was a joke. I really would befriend anyone. Or try to. Regardless of their letters. But it is true that I usually am obvious about how I feel about many things. And so, from this day forth, let it be plain that I choose my friends because of love for God and love for His people, and not for any other reason, be it compatibility, or anything else.

Today, I take the training wheels off my bike and I ride.